Proper Maintenance is a secret behind every strong and ageless vehicle, hence you don’t want to regret buying it. RV is not exempted, the most important thing to do to keep it running and help retain its value is a proper maintenance.

Maintaining your RV could be via Preventive or Schedule measures. The preventive measure is designed to prevent or identify potential problems that could lead to a mechanical breakdown. Whereas Schedule measure is performed in intervals. This will aid prevent any unforeseen and untimely breakdown.

6 Reliable Tips to Help Maintain the RV & Coupling

Engine: Engine is the most vital part of any RV. Once the engine is dead, another electrical system won’t work. If you aren’t going on a trip for a long time, start the engine for few hours every month. Buying or repairing engine is very costly. So, take precautions.

Battery: A secret many do not know is this, if you’re having some days off, you should Disconnect the battery. This is reasoning it losses minute amount of charges even when parked. Always remember that Batteries need more maintenance in the winter season.

Tires: Make sure you’re not overloading the RV, keep new tires just in case and replace them from time to time as to not risk tire failure. Take note to keep the tire pressure always maintained.

Repair: it is necessary to clean the vents and breathers to avoid breakdowns and keep the plumbing in expert condition, with the water drained regularly from the pipes. The engine oil should also be changed daily. Keep the battery disconnected when not in use for a long period of time.

Cleaning: while cleaning the RV, make sure to clean both inside and outside as a well-kept RV is one that lasts long. Make sure the water system is also well taken care of as it is much needed during long trips for washing and cooking purposes.

Water damage/leakage:  If there are water Leakages, it is essential to fix them at once. Signs of leakage might be discoloration and soft spots on the roof.

It is necessary to read the manual that comes with the RV as it can be extremely helpful.

Bonus Tips: ​Always study the owner’s manual, this will help you to tackle or overcome any

the spontaneous damage that might call out.