Superior Driveline Parts List

Part Number Name
Standard Hardware Standard
Hardware Bag
PTO Hardware Bag
Cable Clamp
Attachment to cable support assembly on shifter
Nylon Coated Clamp Cable
Attachment to vehicle undercarriage
SCR,CP,SH 3/8“-16×1½” Bolt
3/8 Bellville Washer
Shift Block Only
Shift Blocks/Springs Assembly
1310 Yoke – Spline Yoke W/ Bearing
 Not Pictured 1350 Yoke – Spline Yoke W/ Bearing
 Not Pictured 1410 Yoke – Spline Yoke W/ Bearing
11000051 2 ½” Double Spline Stub
 Not Pictured 2 ¾” Double Spline Stub
 Not Pictured 3″ Double Spline Stub
 Not Pictured 3 ½” Double Spline Stub
Engaging Ring – (Double Spline)
Engaging Ring – (Single Spline)
Snap Ring, Yoke
Yoke Bearing
SS, Spring ¼” – ¾”
SS, Ball DA. ¼” CHROME
Fork Pivot Brackets – SHORT SUB
Fork Pivot Brackets – LONG SUB
Fork Pivot Brackets – SUB REGULAR
Fork Pivot Brackets – L-SHAPED SUB
Fork Pivot Brackets L-SHAPED SUB CLIPPED
11000758 Cable Support Assembly
Cable Shift Assembly 120″
Cable Shift Assembly PTO
Wescon Fitting Assembly
Control Lever
4½” Control Rod
5½” Control Rod
6″ Control Rod
Throttle clamp, left

Throttle clamp, Right

Availability is subject to change without notice.
Shift Fork Assembly
With block and Springs
Clevis Clamp