From spontaneous trips across country to enjoying quality vacation time with the family, buying an RV has plenty of benefits. Once you’ve decided to buy an RV there are many decisions to start thinking about. RV shopping is just like car shopping. Start with a budget in mind along with the ideals of what features you’d like within your chosen RV. This blog will break down the four categories of RV’s to help you make a more informed decision when you visit the lots or a private sale.


There are generally four categories of RVs:

  1. Towable RVs ($8,000 to $95,000)

Towable RVs are further broken down into conventional trailer, fifth-wheel trailer, expandable trailer, sport utility RV, folding camping trailer, and truck camper.


If you have a vehicle that can tow, this style of RV might be best for you! Towable RVs are mounted on or towed by a vehicle to travel with. Some of these towable RVs simply require your family vehicle to tow and some may require a truck or SUV. When purchasing a towable RV, it is important to make sure you have the capacity to tow the unit. One other thing to consider is the weight of the items you carry within your RV while traveling.


  1. Specialty RVs ($20,000 to $200,000)

Specialty RVs are further broken down into horse trailer, ice fish houses, and RVs for the disabled.


If you have a hobby or a lifestyle that requires certain needs, then a specialty RV is for you! There are many different varieties of specialty RVs built for the enthusiast in mind. Horse trailers can fit up to 8 horses or just a few. Ice fish houses can provide shelter on those cold days and provide room for friends. If you need further assistance when traveling many handicapped features are available in all styles of RVs.


  1. Motorized RVs ($60,000 to $500,000)

Motorized RVs are further broken down into Type A, B and C.


Don’t want to the take the family car? These RVs are their own vehicle. They provide temporary living quarters during travel, camping and any overnight stay. They are built on a motorized chassis.


  1. Park Model RVs ($20,000 to $800,000)

Park Model RVs are a class of their own as customization can be anything you’d like.
These are unique units to their owners. They provide temporary accommodations for vacations, seasonal homes, and camping. These units are designed to look like smaller homes that can be hooked up to the RV site power and sewage. The Park Model RVs may take some extra research in finding the perfect fit for your budget and lifestyle!


There are many possibilities when looking for an RV to fit your lifestyle. Once you’ve decided your style and reason for use, then you can make an informed decision on your style of RV. After that, the next natural step to find one within your price range. If you want to consider more of a cost savings considering pre-owned units from dealerships or private sales. Another option with many dealer locations there are many financing offers for qualified borrowers.


With your dream RV, right budget, and financing in place we wish you happy trails and many travels! Enjoy the open road in your new RV.


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